Looking for breakfast beyond a bagel and cream cheese?  We serve a variety of breakfast sandwiches as well as larger breakfast platters and breakfast items a la carte to satisfy any appetite!

Breakfast Sandwiches

Our breakfast sandwiches are made to order and served on your choice of bagel, croissant, sourdough, or multigrain toast.
GF bread available for $1.25 more.
Egg white substitute add $.75 

Bagel flavors include:
Garlic and Onion
Whole Wheat
Cinnamon Raisin
Marble Rye

  • Egg and Cheese No Meat $5.25

    One egg scrambled with cheese

  • The Classic $6.25

    One egg scrambled with cheese, with your choice of bacon, ham, or turkey

  • All American $7.50

    One egg scrambled with cheese, bacon, sliced tomato, and melted American cheese

  • Frenchie $7.50

    One egg scrambled with cheese, apricot preserves, brie, and ham,
    served on a croissant

  • Tuscan $7.50

    One egg scrambled with cheese, sundried tomato spread, and avocado

  • Florentine $7.50

    One egg scrambled with cheese, with spinach and feta spread

  • Memphis $7.50

    Peanut butter, banana, bacon, and honey

  • Strawberry Nutella $7.50

    Chocolate Nutella spread and fresh sliced strawberries

  • California $8.75

    One egg scrambled with cheese, shallot cream cheese,
    sliced tomato and avocado

  • Brooklyn $10.50

    Choice of bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced tomato,
    shaved red onion and capers

Other Breakfast Options

  • Breakfast Platter $11.00

    Three eggs scrambled with cheese, choice of bacon, grilled ham, or grilled turkey, sourdough or multigrain toast, and a fresh fruit cup

  • French Toast Platter $11.00

    One thick slice of brioche with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar and syrup, choice of bacon, grilled ham or grilled turkey, and a fresh fruit cup

  • Fresh Fruit, Yogurt & Granola Bowl $8.50

    Generous portion of fresh seasonal fruit served with plain low-fat yogurt and house made granola

  • Hard Boiled Egg $1.50
  • Two Scrambled Eggs with Cheese $3.50
  • Toast with Butter and Jelly $2.75
  • Bacon, Grilled Ham, or Grilled Turkey $3.75
  • Fresh Fruit Cup $4.00
  • French Toast Slice $6.00
  • Granola and Milk $5.75
  • Quiche $3.75 Slice | $21 Whole

    House made pie crust filled with scrambled eggs, cheese,
    fresh spinach, and sliced tomato (Vegetarian)

  • Granola (1 Pound Bag) $7.50

    House made with a mixture of rolled oats, dried cranberries, apricots, raisins, and almonds

Need your Breakfast catered? We got you.

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